POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services)

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POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services)

Smartel is delivering Old Telephone Service (POTS) to its valued customers using its modern Fiber-To-The-User (FTTU) network. Our fiber network helps us to offer high quality voice services to our customers free from problems like cross talking chatter, noise, etc. We provide following value added services on all voice connections.

Calling Line Identification – CLI allows you to identify the caller before picking up the phone. The customer can check obnoxious calls and can keep the complete record of all incoming / outgoing calls with time and date to take any action.

Call Waiting – It is a service whereby someone making a telephone call is notified of an incoming call on the line that they are already using, and is able to place the first call on hold while the second is answered.

Call Transfer – It enables customer to transfer call to another subscriber, if called subscriber is on call.

Call Forwarding – Call forwarding, or call diversion is a value added service, which redirects a telephone call to another destination. It has three types:

  • Immediate forwarding: A customer with this facility may transfer incoming calls to another desired number.
  • If busy: In case the subscriber’s line is busy, an incoming call will be transferred automatically to another desired number.
  • If no reply: In case of no reply, call will be transferred automatically to another desired number.

Hot Line – This service enables a subscriber to be in contact just by lifting the handset and without dialing the number. System dials a preprogrammed number automatically.

Call Barring – This service restricts certain types of outgoing calls such as international and nationwide calls. This service can be activated or deactivated by the user as per requirements.

Outgoing calls can be blocked to a subscriber’s liking to avoid unauthorized use of his phone. It can be deactivated whenever desired.

Abbreviated Dialing – Dial a short number (single digit) to get desired number. A maximum of 10 such numbers can be registered.

Absent Subscriber – Through this service callers can be informed that the called subscriber will be unable to answer phone.

Do Not Disturb – Activation of this facility will stop all incoming calls. This will allow customers to be in peace if they don’t want to be disturbed. The caller will get a pre-recorded message. It can be deactivated when desired.

Emergency Calls – Smartel voice service allows access mandatory emergency services without any balance in their account.

Three Way Conference Calls – This facility enables a conference calls amount three subscribers simultaneously.